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Maybe you two just can't keep your hands off each other!?

It works whoever-the-hell-Star-feels-deserves-it-the-most. Or do you want them to need to feel like your knight in shining armour/ princess?

I'm gonna introduce myself as Star, the twinkle alchemist (I'm not with the state, though, so I've no awesomely-cool alchemic powers...except ones that include killing all the Gecko clones...).

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You can FORCE-I mean ASK to set up your favorite Duel Academy couple. Ink on paper or not, you can't deny Jesse's smexyness.

I'm sorry if it's harsh but keep in mind the person who has to write these dates. So, below is the list of claimed bishies/bishojos: Chazz Princeton, Jesse Anderson, Syrus Truesdale, Tyranno Hassleberry, Aster Phoenix, Bastion Misawa, Zane Truesdale, Atticus Rhodes, Alexis Rhodes, Blair Flannigan and Jasmine... So, okay, no DEAD guys...unless you REALLY love them... And, unfortunatly, you'll be waiting another twenty chapters for series one to finish. I should really say anyone who's DEAD but then Yusuke won't be availiable and I love him. But everyone knows yaoi is sooo much more fun to write, ne? After hermione494's review NO ONE else may request a date with Jesse Anderson until series two of the dating game (Yes, there's a series two) has begun. And, uh..Sartorious (evil Sartorious is also taken). Wow, I've just lost myself a bunch of reviewers...3. This is a YUGIOH GX fanfic and, no, I don't care how much you love Kagomex Inu, this is for DA students only. Mind you, though, they DON'T take lightly to yaoi... Sorry guys, no Alexisx Atticus or Zanex Syrus pairings here. Or maybe you want THEM to pick it out.)(If you wanna SET UP to of the characters just copy out this chart but with THEIR information. So put your favorite love song down here just in case.