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The only difference is that it’s a little less legit, and a little more typical for a sex finder website. Did we totally waste our time during our x Dating review?

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We wound up going home with 15 of them over the course of three months, which could have been worse! I can’t believe a girl like you would be on a site like this, but I think I speak for all the guys here when I say we’re glad—though I don’t speak for all the guys here about anything else. These shows are a lot of fun, and can quickly turn very lewd.

We started a few heated chats after watching girls on their webcams—they couldn’t wait to stop being solo!

One thing you’ll notice if you spend some time on x is that there isn’t the GREATEST ratio of men to women.

For example, we NEVER found a fake profile on Social, but during our x Dating review we did find a few.

It’s not enough to be any kind of a dealbreaker, but it was disappointing.

That contributed to us not getting quite the same results as we did on other websites.

Still, we got enough results that we wouldn’t mind continuing to use x, at least as an addition to our other (better) websites for sex finding online.

During our x Dating comparison, we sent out 540 emails to different women we found attractive on the site.

Our usual goal for whether a site makes it into the top 5 is based on a site getting a 50 percent rating or over, which this one got…barely. There’s a game this weekend I’d love to catch.” The video player on x Dating is definitely worth a look!