But she knows they hooked up.” On the other hand, many fans believe that Kendall was not involved with any of these men at all and that the stunning brunette is a victim of the headline-hungry media and their desperation for website clicks.

The fact that Kendall’s mom Kris Jenner is always looking for ways to promote her show, , has fanned the suspicion.

There have also been press rumors that Kendall is a lesbian, infatuated with her best friend Cara Delevingne, who was, incidentally, the one who was supposed to have hooked up Harry Styles and Kendall. Harry and Kendall got together again at the beginning of 2016, and this time Harry did not seem worried about people seeing him with Kendall. There were rumors that Harry Styles cheated on Kendall with stylist Pandora Lennard, and that was after he allegedly cheated on his flight attendant girlfriend to make out with Kendall!

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We have long been hearing that Kendall is the most serious of the Kardashian sisters, is not interested in sleeping around, and wants to find love.

It’s strange, then, to see Kendall linked with a new guy every other day! Some believe that Kendall is not as sweet and innocent as she seems and that it was in fact Kendall who broke Harry’s heart.

“Selena knows Kendall and Justin hooked up behind her back because one of his really, really close friends told her…Kendall is super charming when she wants to be, and Selena got sucked in by her.

Selena wanted to believe Kendall, so she did for a little while.

After being spotted together in LA on April 8 — the first time in months — we couldn’t help but wonder what’s really going on between Kendall Jenner, 20 and Harry Styles, 22! “Now that Kendall is playing hard to get, Harry is back on the chase, trying to romance her again.

Well, it turns out the One Direction singer is “trying to romance” the model again. On April 8, Harry and Kendall were photographed having lunch together in Los Angeles. He’s asked her out a couple of times and she said yes once, but she’s playing coy with him,” an insider tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.“Kendall still likes him, but she doesn’t want to get burned.They are talking and texting, but it’s not too serious.Harry may be at a point in his life now that he can commit.” Good for Kendall for playing it cool!As Hollywood previously reported, Kendall is not about to jump back into a relationship with Harry.“Kendall will always be friends with Harry because she just loves his roguish charm,” a source told us EXCLUSIVELY.