read more → The i Phone 3GS gives new life to the 50,000 available i Phone apps with its much faster performance.This is a terrific handheld computing and Internet device, but understand that voice calls aren't its top priority.

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However, if you're new to the i Phone market, then choosing between the two should also be a no-brainer - go for the i Phone 3GS.

The faster speeds, better camera and a whole host of other extras will please many, and for that reason it's worth it (although we suggest you think long and hard over whether you need 32GB or just 16GB of internal memory, as there's a bit of a price hike between the two.) read more → The i Phone 3GS is a tip top mobile phone.

The much anticipated update to The i Phone Dev Team’s Redsn0w jailbreak utility brought a ton of features.

read more → There are probably two very large groups of people thinking about buying an i Phone right now.

One set is current users, either those with the 3G, or those still using the original model.

The other set is a group of new users -- people who've never owned an i Phone and are now faced with not one, but two different options when it comes to getting in the door.

For both groups, there are huge questions to answer about whether or not getting the 3GS makes sense, and very few of them have to do with the quality of the phone.

It's true that the i Phone 3GS brings over only incrementing changes, there's nothing ground breaking about it.

But before everything else, the newly introduced changes on both software AND hardware level will make the new i Phone 3GS a more balanced smartphone most of all.