I found that the latest holidays are missing from my calendar.I checked for updates but none are there and manually trying to install the latest holiday updates gives an error that the update is already installed or does not apply to my system. After applying updates that contain new holiday information, the newly included holidays are not directly added to your Calendar.

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You can use this method for instance to import holiday updates or custom holidays or vacation lists provided by your company.

When you create a hol-file of your own, make sure you save it in the Unicode format (use the Save As… Note 2: If you are using Outlook 2000 or previous, then the holiday definition files are saved in a txt-file and the default file is called Because of the txt-extension, the aforementioned double click method will not work.

Instead, you’ll have to place it in the language ID folder of the Office installation directory and use the “Add Holidays” function in Outlook.

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The easiest way to remove previously imported holidays from your Calendar is via the “By Category” view; Now you can easily select all the items that have the Holiday category (by clicking on the Holiday group header) and delete them all at once.

If you use SHIFT+Delete to delete them, you’ll skip the Delete Items folder and permanently delete them.Note: The standalone hol-file can be used with all Outlook versions and not just Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 as the download page might suggest.See below for more information on how to import the holidays included in the hol-file. If you have an updated hol-file that you wish to use with Outlook, then you can simply double click it to to launch the “Add Holidays to Calendar” dialog.Then it dawned on me, instead of using a paper calendar with tiny little boxes to write things in I want my Google calendar on the wall.To tackle this instructable you should have a general understanding of home networking and computing, some linux experience wouldn’t go astray but is not really necessary.If you run into something you don't understand just remember google search is your friend.