Compare all the options for singles dating and date finding here - speed dating, singles parties, singles events, online dating and singles holidays. I find their speed dating events fun and a great way to meet potential matches.

There used to be a time when all online dating was free.

Soon enough a lot of sites realised that maintaining a good service has costs and many free sites became paid sites.

And then dating sites saw that there were profits to be made – and all sorts of paid sites popped up like mushrooms after a rainfall.

However, now things have come full circle once again.

Free sites are suddenly gaining momentum – just look at Tinder!

However, swiping right and left isn’t everybody’s cup of tea for finding the best date and there will always be people who want to try the more traditional versions of online dating.However, they also want to have a clear idea about the prices that dating sites offer, which is something they often can’t find out from the dating sites before they actually sign up. Even though we have the prices outlined in all of our reviews, I thought that the visitors to the site could benefit from a post that just shows what the current UK dating site prices 2015 are.You might find they’re not as expensive as you thought – especially if you’re willing to sign up for 6 months.So, here goes (in alphabetical order): Also check out our comparison table of the prices of the best sites.Remember – all these sites are essentially free to sign up and browse.We recommend that whichever site you choose, spend a little time looking around, searching and browsing before signing up.