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I had just signed on with my friend to help him get his start up rolling and was working consistent 18 hour days about 6 days a week.

So, I had no time for just "bumping into someone" special.

There is a popular singles bar just down the road from my house in Austin which caters to my age group (35). The front door was locked and I had to ring a little buzzer at the front door and she came out to let me in.

I'm 6'3" 190lbs and I'm in very good shape (work out a few times a week + fast metabolism = about 8% body fat). She seemed to be a very charming sincere person on the phone. There were a couple young ladies at the front desk who seemed nice.

I'm not Brad Pitt but I have a high opinion of myself and I'm rarely alone if I stoop to dropping by the bar. I don't understand how they can sleep at nice and keep such innocent looks on their faces. They had me wait in the waiting room for about 10 minutes and asked me to look through the keep sake books there.

However, a bar does not generally lend itself to meeting someone you want to spend significant time with. Within a couple days I was contacted by a sales rep for Together Dating / The Right One in San Antonio. Due to my crazy work schedule, he said he could get her (sales manager) to come in on Saturday morning for me. The sales manager, I think her name was Deborah or Debbie, called me about 20 minutes before I was supposed to be there to confirm that I was coming. There were pictures and "feedback" from happy couples who had supposedly met through Together. ), the sales manager, took me back to her office, I tried to find a nice way to say that I didn't think this would work for me because I have pretty high standards.

He wanted me to come meet with his sales manager in San Antonio. That Saturday happened to be the same day that the hurricane blew in. The entries looked old and the clothes in the pictures were out of style. Also, I wasn't able to find any really good looking women in any of the photos. She told me to not be bashful about my "picky list" and she took out a paper and wrote down exactly what I wanted in a long term girlfriend. She took me through about an hour and a half of discussion, forms, personality tests and she told me about the contract.

I specified strictly "in shape", "in Austin", "great sense of humor", "very active", "financially stable" and "very good looking." Her writing it down made me feel better. I have some of the forms scanned and published at I created after I realized I had been conned out of 00 and 3 hours of driving through a hurricane.

She told me they had over 60,000 members in the area, that she was sure that there would be someone to fit my standards. I had recently sold a business - so I had plenty of cash at the time - but the marble, bank building was making me feel like I was in a lawyers office..something has to pay that lease. At the end of the talk, I still wasn't certian but she told me she personally guaranteed I would be very happy with the service.