Look online to see the number of sales required for a book to be considered a best-seller and you’ll find wide variations in volume as well as definition. However, after scanning this latest book of Pressfield, I became aware, again, of the reasons why I write. I find that I must remind myself of this fact with some frequency.

Perhaps, like me, you find yourself questioning the stories which burn in your gut each time an author gets ‘discovered’. And start second guessing your choice of genre, especially if yours is one that is not currently hot, wondering how you could make some adjustments in the story to fit the current psychological thriller, dystopian or erotica phase. The truth of it, the characters you love along with a few hundred of your readers.

During my self-imposed ban on writing, I’ve also read a wide variety of novels.

All that work, concentration and discipline over, done! ” Recently I completed a non-fiction book I had not planned to write, (a long story), and was excited because I could return to the book I intended, the third in my medical fiction series. But when my husband returned from his daily four mile walk and told me to “Stop writing,” I was shocked.

Maybe it will be weeks, days or merely hours but inevitably, we’ll hear that voice, “Now what? Therefore, I had decided to get cracking on the revisions needed to get it in shape for an early fall release.

It was an order John felt compelled to pass on as just that, an order.

Because he felt strongly that the message he heard was intended for me.

While listening to a podcast of the Bible by a Protestant preacher he enjoys, he heard the man quote Ecclesiastes 12: 12: And furthermore, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

In order to complete the ‘unplanned’ book, I had pushed it hard, and got sick. Crude, cynical and coarse, intentionally so, of course, but in a bizarre way, brings us face-to-face with the reality that most people won’t read our books.

For weeks, I could not shake the cough and achy, feverish late afternoon episodes that sent me to bed far too early in the evening. In rereading the admonitions,’ there is no end to the making of many books and the consequences of intense study’, I must acknowledge the truth of them, the implicit, startling wisdom. Pressfield started out in advertising and then moved to screenwriting for Hollywood. We know that the average author sells less than two- hundred- fifty copies of her book.

My husband was worried and felt this to be a command. The book provides a template, if you will, for stories that sell. Regardless of whether the author uses traditional publishing or self-publishing, the onus of marketing the new book falls squarely on the shoulders of you and me.

Among the excellent novelists I rediscovered is DW Buffa.