Generic exploit blocking is a technique that attempts to proactively blocks malware from exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities.

symantec endpoint protection update policy not updating-89

Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition was the previous software from Symantec in this market, its last release was version 10.2 MP1, (10.2.4).

Initially Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) software, revision 1.0, was released September 23, 2007 and was labeled version 11.

In 2009 a Small Business Edition (SBE) of SEP (version 11) was introduced Endpoint incorporates a rules-based firewall, as well as an anti-malware technique that Symantec calls "generic exploit blocking".

The firewall is based on technology developed by Sygate Technologies, who were purchased by Symantec.

I occasionally come across computers that will never be connected to the internet but are still vulnerable to viruses through other sources (ex. What I need is a solution where I can drop the updates on the machines, or connect to them directly (via x-over cable) to download the updates locally.

I know there was a discussion around a tool to do this but cannot find reference to Symantec relasing one

You can always download teh latest definitions to a USB drive or other media and sneakernet them to the system.

Symantec Endpoint Protection, developed by Symantec Corporation, is an antivirus and personal firewall software for centrally managed corporate environments providing security for both servers and workstations.

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