“The coalition forces give permits to all the relief and humanitarian ships, immediately, periodically, in record time, and without inspection, and to all the Yemeni ports.”The coalition said it understands the sufferings of the Yemeni people since the takeover by the Houthis, but it is abiding by the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2216 and other international resolutions in this regard.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s government delegation to UN-brokered peace talks in Kuwait said it will leave on Saturday, signaling the collapse of four months of UN-brokered negotiations with Shiite Houthi rebels.“Today (Friday), we are holding some farewell meetings ...

and the delegation will leave on Saturday,” delegation spokesman Mohammad Al-Emrani said.“There can be no more talks after the new coup,” he said, referring to the rebels’ formation of a supreme political council to run war-torn Yemen.

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SANAA: The Saudi-led coalition has refuted reports by rights groups that it is imposing a blockade on Yemen, saying it facilitates the passage of humanitarian aid without delay and in “record time.”In a Friday statement, the coalition said that the health situation in Yemen is at the top of its priorities.

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UN special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said the rebels’ move “contravenes” their commitment to the peace process and “represents a grave violation” of the UN resolutions.

“It must be made clear here that it is the Houthi-Saleh alliance that foiled the peace talks in Kuwait.