We house more than four dedicated servers in our Russian colocation host, allowing users to launch attacks from any corner of the world with immense power.

Our IP stresser is the only one colocating powerful servers with more than eight times the power!

Learn more No more leaked databases, weak passwords, and incorrectly set up servers.

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Adding onto that, your information is fully encrypted with SSL.

Learn more When buying a booter or stresser, you usually get exactly that: the stress testing.

Cloud Booter provides free tools such as a Skype resolver and Cloud Flare resolver to help you bypass limitations on who or what you can boot.

Learn more Distributed denial of service attacks have been around since the early days of the Internet.

The first known attack happened way back in 1995 with activists targeting French nuclear policy; the first large-scale attack occurred in 1999 against systems at the University of Minnesota.

The next year huge websites like Amazon, e Bay and Yahoo were hit by DDo S attacks and the genie was truly out of the bottle.Assaults on organizations and corporations, either for the purpose of gaining notoriety or demanding ransoms, continued with increasing severity.But it was a while before the term “DDo S attack” started appearing with regularity in mainstream headlines, largely due to the “hacktivist” assaults by the group Anonymous on major financial institutions and processors.By now, DDo S attacks are so commonplace that they’re in the news as much for their unprecedented size as for the companies, government agencies or organizations they target.Why are those seeking to bring down computer systems with DDo S attacks now able to launch so many attacks with such ferocity?One major reason is the development and widespread availability of IP stressers, also known as booters.