A romance scam victim has waived her anonymity to raise awareness of this latest fraud wave in conjunction with Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre.

Ms Brenda Parke, a 60 year old retiree, was scammed out of £60,000 during February and March this year after joining an online dating site and befriending a man calling himself Bradford Cole.

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He told her his partner had died and said he was estranged from family and friends.

He said he had moved to the UK a year ago bringing his young daughter, Mauoreen, with him.

An emotional story He claimed that while abroad on business, his daughter had been injured in a hit and run accident and required £9,600 for the operation in hospital.

Bradford did not ask Brenda for the money directly but claimed to have borrowed so much from the bank and that he had no-one else to turn to for help.

He very subtly and cleverly manipulated Brenda into taking a position of responsibility for his daughter’s welfare.

She wrestled with her conscience and whilst she did not want to give her hard-earned money to a stranger, she did not want to leave a child to fend for herself.She wanted to pay the hospital directly but was told that they needed cash in advance.Having verified this online, she subsequently arranged money transfers.Thousands of pounds lost Brenda’s plight continued when Bradford needed a total £44,500 for his business and then further monies for his accommodation and transport home.Brenda repeatedly told him that she could not help and suggested other places to try, but with no success.Each time Brenda told him that she was unable to help him further he said that he understood totally and appreciated how difficult it must be to trust someone she did not know.