In case you didn’t know, Omarosa is an assistant pastor at Weller Street Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Apparently the two met while she was teaching at Howard University.

Sources say they’ve only been dating for less than a year.

on Wednesday morning to give dating advice to all of her fans in need!

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During her sit-down, the 22-year-old answered hard-hitting questions ranging from Snapchat stalking and texting word choice all the way to crucial cereal etiquette.

Here's hoping Big Sean paid attention to what she had to say! Ch-ch-check out Ariana's advice for all things romantic (above)!!!

She announced the news in an interview with MSNBC on Monday, July 18.

Omarosa, 42, spoke from day one of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, telling MSNBC she was "very proud" to serve in her new role.

"It's really an extension of the work that the coalition has already been doing," she said, referring to the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, where she was vice-chairman.

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger when it comes to fake tabloid relationships.

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