In modern times, when science and technical knowledge are progressing so fast, governments of countries living a complex modern life cannot but pay much attention to their national education systems to keep leading positions in the world ranks.To prove that we can state that since last century school education reforms has been taking place in many countries all over the world.

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It is not a secret that a lot of children and young people dream of studying in England.

Parents understanding that a modern person should be well educated to be a success send their children to the best schools and colleges of the United Kingdom.

As for me, I enjoy watching films and reading books about school life in other countries, especially in England and I would like to have a clear idea of what the system of education in England actually is.

And what is it that makes it so popular all over the world?

That is the question which I will try to answer in this paper.

To clarify the subject I need to answer some fundamental questions such as: What are the main steps in the history of English schools?

What types of schools are there and how do they meet the needs of pupils of different abilities and encourage pupils to study seriously?

For how long do English children go to school and how their results in studying are measured?

Education has always been important to national life in England.

Many kings, queens and several governments tried to improve it.

But the present-day system of education was formed in the twentieth century.