It’s a bit of a weird idea at first: Every time you to go You Tube to get into a cute animal video spiral, or pull up Twitter to check up on news and hilarious Vines, you’ll be confronted with a stranger’s face and given the option to chat or pass.

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The app is free to download, but we should warn you: There's a very slim chance that your matches will look anything like Jamie Dornan.

Online dating sites are constantly searching for new features to provide their members with the best possible dating experience.

They often introduce new features they hope will differentiate their site from the competition.

Dating is hard, but with the proliferation of dating apps and networks like Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, How About We, 8^8…

you get the gist: There are more avenues than ever to actively search for and meet your soulmate, to the point where it can be overwhelming.

But, what if meeting someone were as easy as opening a new browser tab?

That’s the idea behind Tab, a forthcoming Google Chrome extension that builds online dating right into your daily digital workflow.

, it's similar to other dating apps, where it pulls in users near your location, but this one doesn't offer any personal information.

Oh, and its sole purpose is to find kinky sex partners.