Learning to play acoustic guitar chords is a rite of passage for all guitar players regardless of what style of guitar or music you’re into. And also, most your playing in a band will be focused upon rhythm duties any way so it only makes sense to have your chords together.

But what are the chords of a guitar exactly anyway?

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As more time went buy I did get enough money together to buy my first proper guitar – an Ibanez RG-750, the kind of one made popular by Paul Gilbert at the time.

I still have that guitar today although I got it re-fretted and put in a custom pickup – a Screamin’ Demon by Seymour Duncan. Now days these guitars are becoming collectors items but I have no intention of selling something which has so much historical value to me.

I bought it almost 30 years ago, have I really been playing guitar for that long?

there really is not such thing as country chords, or blues chords or jazz chords and so on.

It’s all in how you use them and in particular the kinds of playing techniques or strumming patterns you apply to them.

My advice is to get tuned up and start getting into these new lessons, they are premium quality and don’t forget to grab the PDF either. Don’t forget about the wealth of guitar DVDs on Amazon either, they’re amazing.

Filed under: Acoustic Guitar Lessons Tags: Tags: chords, guitar by admin Date 29 September, 2012 Like most teenagers I was broke and couldn’t afford to buy a decent guitar when I first got started.

So I ended up buying a second-hand black and while Les Paul copy.

I can’t remember the manufacturers name at this stage.

It was of course impossible to play with a high action and equally difficult to get in tune but none of it mattered…

it was something to practice on and that’s all I cared about at the time. just couldn’t afford it, so I played and practiced on that guitar for like 6 months before eventually my Mum took pity on me and bought me a 10″ practice amp.