The title track from the album was Not Young an upbeat track that displayed the youth of all the members, and that they themselves are no longer boys.U-Kiss released their second mini-album Bring It Back 2 Old School in February 2009.

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Lee Kiseop became the 7th member of U-Kiss during this mini-album.

The group released their first full-length album Only One in early 2010, with the title track Bingeul Bingeul.

They starred in another second variety show called U-Kiss Vampire, which was based on how different blood types interact and react in situations.

After receiving much attention from their new album, U-Kiss starred in a third variety show called Chef's Kiss, in which the members were divided into several groups and had to complete several missions, such as coming up with new recipes and be part of restaurant crew. They also appeared as regular guests every Wednesday on a Japanese variety show called Made in BS Japan on TV Tokyo, before debuting with their Japanese debut album First Kiss.

After returning from the Philippines concert series and fanmeets in Malaysia and Singapore, the group October released their fourth mini-album Break Time in October 2010. First Kiss charted at number 2 on the Daily Oricon Chart on its release date.

Although at first Kibum's character business with his brother had been cited as the reason for his departure, it was later revealed that NH Media believe he was "lacking"; therefore, NH Media desired member replacements.

On December 29, 2010, Kibum setup Hn B Company together with his older brother Kim Hyung Jun, a character business based on his original creation, Piro Piro and Siro Siro.

; born December 29, 1990), now better known by his stage name in Japan Allen Kibum, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actor and television host.

He is best known for being a former member of South Korean boy group U-KISS.

He is also the younger brother of SS501 member Kim Hyung-jun.

In 2008, Kibum together with 5 other members of U-Kiss made their official debut with their first mini-album N-Generation.