If you set up as high security it could be a reason to not receive your e-mail especially from overseas. They are not only our sales partner but also our important design & development partner.

Your question and orders are very important for us as customer service. Our relationship is growing stronger as years go by. Davecat introduces the latest love doll news from the world.

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When 4woods recieves question or order by e-mail from over sea customers, we promise to response within 2 to 3days.

If you do not receive response from us more than 3days, there may be a reasons that you were not able to receive reply e-mail from us.

If so, please check spam mail box would be sincerely appriciated.

Also, if you do not receive answer from 4woods please re-send from different e-mail address.

He is french, and owns several lovedolls of our range : Lilica, Sleeping Lilica and Yurica.

Have a look at his websites, his photos need no comment !

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