The mansion Allie is staying in over the summer is Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina, near Charleston.

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Before it starts raining in the next scene, her hair is only half up and curled as if it had been down all along.

When Allie is looking at the moon before entering the house with Noah, there are a few contrails barely visible in the sky, but there couldn't have been any contrails back in those days because planes didn't fly that high or give off the same exhaust as modern-day planes.

When Noah and Allie meet outside the movie theatre and later dance in the intersection of the streets, the viewer can see their breath.

It is very cold outside and Noah is wearing a heavy jacket.

A few seconds later in the same camera position the book shelf is at the centre. When Allie drives off after she gets her letters and she and Noah argue, Noah walks significantly past the back of the car and puts his hands on his head.

Older Noah goes to see the doctor who listens to his heart. The x-rays flip between shots, as evident by the position of the heart. When Allie gets in, he's standing up by the front bumper still with his hands on his head.

On the 2nd morning Allie spends at the restored Windsor Plantation, she wakes up and finds Noah's note. Because I know you'll have like a 2 second rebound rate, then you're back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing. When Noah is driving back to Allie's house after Finn tells him she's left, Noah's car bangs into the fence.

Summer in South Carolina is oppressively hot, even at night.

In one of the beginning scenes, when Noah and Fin are at the fair, you see Allie and Sarah on the bumper cars.

Allie bumps into Sarah, and you can see and hear Sarah yell "Rachel," which is actually the name of the actress who plays Allie - Rachel Mc Adams.

When Allie and Noah are making love after the seven years when they fall at the feather pillow, notice at the back there is a white book shelf which is at the right and only can be seen half of it.