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Nachmanides won the battle, but lost the war: His arguments earned the king's respect (and a prize of 300 gold coins), but the Church ordered Nachmanides to be tried on charges of blasphemy, and he was forced to flee Spain.

At age 72, Nachmanides moved to spend his final years in Jerusalem.

Every person alive today derives great benefit from comforts and pleasures that were not available in the past.

But not that they placed a heap of rocks upon him, rather a messenger of the court places a stone upon his coffin – in order to fulfill the mitzvah of stoning." Rabbi Klonimus, who was buried next to the great Rabbi Ovadia M'Bartenura, asked that stones be placed on his grave, so that if he had committed any transgressions that warranted excommunication, this would atone for it. Rabbi Yehudah Ashkenazi writes in Be'er Heitev, his 18th century commentary on the Code of Jewish Law (O. 224:8), that the custom of placing stones on the grave is for the honor of the deceased person by marking the fact that his grave had been visited. This shows our belief in resurrection: Just as grass that withers can grow again, so will the dead rise in the messianic era.

(source: Machzor Vitri 280) In 1263, the famous Disputation began between Nachmanides and a Jewish convert to Christianity, Pablo Christiani.

King James of Spain had authorized the religious debate, to try to "prove" which religion is true.Nachmanides reluctantly agreed to take part, only after being assured by the king that he would have full freedom of expression.No one wants Sparky smelling like a silk-shirted guido at the club. One idea is discussed in the Talmud (Eidiot 5:6): "Elazar Ben Hanoch was excommunicated.When he died, the court laid a stone on his coffin.From here we learn that if any man dies while under excommunication, they put a stone on his coffin." The Talmud (Smachot ) also says: "An excommunicated person who dies is worthy of stoning. 334:3) But I think in today’s time, we follow a second reason for putting a stone a grave. 376:4) says that upon visiting a gravesite, you pull up grass and toss it behind your back.