So Amazon does ship to South Africa and it usually takes between 8-12 days for your brand-new Kindle to arrive at your doorstep! Then buy your Kindle in South Africa – I have compiled a list of where to get the cheapest Kindle in South Africa.

For example, mobile technology is used to provide information on health, education, finances or to access specific groups such as the youth.

However, people who are very poor have very basic phones.

Thus non-profit mobile technology is not aimed at advanced smart phones, but ranges from sending out bulk SMSs to USSD, mobi-sites and mobile communities.

Amazon is the only seller of Kindles and can’t be beaten on price!

Because the Kindle is an official Amazon product and only directly sold via Amazon, grey-importers have to charge a premium in order to make a profit.

So unless you simply can’t wait 8-12 days for your Kindle, you should never buy from anyone else except Amazon. A while back there was some media attention regarding Amazon’s decision to no longer ship to South Africa.

This is not the case and the misunderstanding was mainly due to bad reporting in the media.

Have you investigated the possibility of bulk order discounts?

I know that uk offers free shipping for orders over a certain price, but they don’t ship Kindles here (only as far as I know.

I ask because I work in a higher education and want to purchase (for now) 10 Kindles for student use.

Thus mobile technology can be used, not only to generate profit from high income groups, but to provide information and create social change for low income groups.