And I wash the pieces dozens of times to make sure of the fabric and colours’ quality before letting them leave the workshop.

The customers always come back for the better-made product.” He speaks calmly and softly, as would a grandfather speak to his grandchildren, and his eyes glisten when he talks about new things he wants to try with designs or natural dyeing techniques.

He is an idealistic man, knows very well the value of honest work and loving what one does, and is known for his famous phrase: “I don’t mind not having money in my pockets, as long as I’ve got threads in my home.” A heartbreaking fact though, is that hardly any youth are attracted to take up the craft anymore.

He had learned the craft from his father, which was passed along from his grandfather, and he now has his sons working with him in his wonderful workshop in Akhmim, which also happens to be his home.

‘Am Anwar cares most about the quality of his product, and wouldn’t compromise it for anything, not even when the mass-produced, cheaper alternative presented fierce competition.

“I make sure the threads are stacked tight, for a sturdier, heavier feeling fabric.

Situated on the east bank of the Nile river, Akhmim was once a highly developed town during the Pharaonic times, when it began specializing in textile production.

You could say that weavers from Akhmim have been dressing Egypt, and Sudan as well, since the antiquities.

By continuing the area’s ancestral hand-weaving techniques, this artisan group is ensuring that this purely Egyptian skill and art form doesn’t die out.The designs are so culturally significant, they can be traced back to original Coptic motifs, and to the origins of Christianity as a whole.This best-selling group bring FTE their expertise in hand-weaving Egypt’s world-class natural fiber, its 100% pure cotton, into beautiful home linens, such as bedspreads, kitchen towels, and more. The finish of the fabrics is smooth and silky, and is more than capable to withstand the test of time and chores, thanks to its high thread-count.The Orthodox Akhmim Association products don’t fray as easily as other, mass-produced versions too.The patron of this artisan group, is the refreshingly inventive ‘Am Anwar – “‘Am” being a title used locally to denote respect for someone older, and literally means “uncle”.He puts so much heart and passion into his workshop and this craft in general, it’s impossible not to feel inspired.