Backstage in my concert,fucks me on my parents' bed. You know what time it is Because I'm fucking Juno too. Riddle me this, Holy bathhouse, I'm fucking Amy Winehouse? A most uncomfortable screw, But I fuck the princess too. They're all fucking Batman At Wayne Manor, in the Batcave, Butler Alfred is our love slave. That's fucking great, Because I'm fucking Wolf. He fucks the Sex and the City gals So I wondered: Would Wolf really get jealousif he knew we were fuckingthat guy with the big utility belt?

I'm fucking that male model' Cause he's so fine.

I am handsome and I am cool, That's why this prince Fucks the kids from high school.- Come on!

Fucked my ass again, But I'm also fucking Prince Caspian.

He fucks all us kids in high school, Under the bleachers, in the showers While we're changing for gym class. You know you like it, And I'm fucking Kung Fu Panda.

Alex Mattson - Forget You Peter Luts - Lovin' U (Radio Edit) Attom feat.

Tam Cooper - Be Bold (Mathew Hayer Remix) Calvin Harris feat.

And I swap with Calvin, And he swaps with that dude. I'm fucking Jessica Simpson' Cause I'm on below, below, below.

After school, at my locker, In the car I give her head. Yeah, I know, but it's true, Flava-Flav, he fucks me too. He's fucking Amy Winehouse Down and down, low, low, low.

He's fucking Hancock, And I'm fucking Beowulf.