Full power was applied and the coil was pumping 9 feet sparks when had a flash over and popped an IGBT..A new design with 1/16 inch copper bus on back of IGBT's.

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The intent of this coil was not to just construct a coil to be efficient, but easy to transport..

Detail went into to every component and time was not a factor.

Every CT is epoxy coated, even embedded high output UV LED's into plexy base of the coil.

The eight fans on the base are all 12volt plastic; additionally, the fans will help with weight and also less of a target of sparks (two fans on MMC, four fans on IGBT's, one fan on voltage double and a little blower on the gate drivers and 15 volt regulator).

The FATBOY stands 8 feet as turned out to be a bit taller than expected; however, the taller the coil, the less chance of ground strikes.

The MMC is .64uf @ 10kv consisting of 105 CDET - 942C20P15K (.15mfd @ 2kvdc).

The secondary is 12.75 inches x 52 inches with 48 inches of 25AWG magnet wire.

6364 feet with a calculated running frequency of DRSSTC are a little tighter in coupling; however, they too require fine tuning.

Built first spacer at 6.5 inches that will go between the secondary and base.

Once the coil was dialed in, will place a smaller spacer of 4.5 inches and watch for flash over.