Eventually, Dexter had developed a detailed method of killing that allowed him to avoid the justice system itself by getting rid of any potential evidence (including the body itself) with the use of stream currents that head north through the country.

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Until he faked his own death and resorted to isolation, Dexter was a Serial Killer that went after other killers (to control his "Dark Passenger"), rather than harming innocent people.

By day, he was a blood spatter analyst within the Miami Metro Police Department, working closely with the detectives and other forensic specialists, while mantaining a jovial personality.

He is the biological son of a stripper and Joe Driscoll and the biological brother of Brian Moser who was also known as the The Ice Truck Killer.

Dexter was the husband of Rita Bennett (who was the mother of his child), the adoptive brother of Lieutenant Debra Morgan, and the adoptive son of Doris and Harry Morgan, the police-detective who taught Dexter a legitimate code to operate under and survive with (however, it was revealed in Season 8 that Dr. Dexter is also the father of Harrison Morgan, and the step-father of Astor and Cody Bennett.

Dex (Debra Morgan)Dexie (Thomas Matthews)Dexman (Miguel Prado)Morgan (James Doakes)"Baby Brother" (Brian Moser)Dickie Moser (Hector Estrada) Dexterous (Vince Masuka) King of Spatter (Vince Masuka) Pure Jungle Cat (Vince Masuka) Dex-posé (Vince Masuka) Poindexter (Joey Quinn) Dex-Bot (Vince Masuka) Socio (Angel Batista) Master Manipulator (Hannah Mc Kay) Mr.

Morgan (adoptive-grandfather, deceased)Harry Morgan (adoptive-father; deceased)Doris Morgan (adoptive-mother; deceased)Laura Moser (bio-mother; deceased)Joe Driscoll (bio-father; deceased)Brian Moser (bio-brother; deceased)Debra Morgan (adoptive-sister; deceased)Astor Bennett (step-daughter)Cody Bennett (step-son)Harrison Morgan (son)Dean Moser (grandfather; unknown status)Emily Moser (grandmother; unknown status) Dexter (along with his brother Brian) witnessed the brutal murder of their mother in a cargo container at a very early age.

After seeing Laura Moser chainsawed to pieces, they were then left in the cargo container full of her blood for three days.

Dexter Morgan is the titular character and antihero of both Showtime's DEXTER and the Dexter Book Series.

The last characters to even reference "The Bay Harbor Butcher" investigation were Miguel Prado, Maria La Guerta, and Ryan Chambers (the latter mentioned both 'The Bay Harbor Butcher' and The Trinity Killer in her interest of the cases).