But, and this is really important, there is an alternative I would consider and that’s !

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some simple steps you can take to make your online dating experience successful (yes, really!

) In this video, relationships expert Arielle Ford gives you a few short and sweet tips to have a positive and empowering online dating experience.

If you have any other tips to add, feel free to list them in the comments!

The potential US presidential candidate got into hot water recently after he was accused of insinuating TV presenter Megyn Kelly was on her period when asking him tough questions during a Republican presidential candidate debate.

In a later interview with CNN Trump said he didn’t respect Kelly as a journalist before claiming she had “blood coming out her eyes” and “blood coming out of her … He later denied he was suggesting Kelly was menstruating – saying he was actually talking about blood coming out of her nose.

Trump said the backlash, including within the Republican party, was led by “politically-correct fools”.

His comments about Kelly are the latest in a long line of Trumpisms.

Today’s post is a bit different for me but it’s definitely something I think a lot of us can relate to. I’ve been married for 11 years so dating is not on my radar, thankfully, but I do have single friends and from what they tell me online dating is the way to go nowadays.

When I think of dating I get a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach and if I were prone to hives I’d probably be all itchy.

They also tell me stories that make me freak out about dates, the whole online dating process and the culture surrounding it.

To be honest with you if I had to go any of the routes they’ve told me about I would probably just stay single or hope that someone I know knew a nice single man they could introduce me to…the good ole days.