Basically, Green Lantern (born in Detroit) and Hawkgirl (an alien from the planet Thanagar) dated for a while until Hawkgirl’s people arrived on Earth and tried to destroy the planet. So the two broke up and Stewart began a relationship with Vixen, but during one adventure when they traveled to the future, it turns out Green Lantern and Hawkgirl have a son together.

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Khloé referenced the overnight romance and denied fighting Chyna on her “Kocktails With Khloé” show this week. My sister, Kylie [Jenner], is dating Tyga, who is Chyna’s baby daddy,” Khloe explained.

“I need a piece of paper to show you guys because it’s confusing!

It’s like a soap opera, so it sounds very dramatic.

Diversity in comics is more important than you think — the original Justice League consisted of one women, one Martian, and five white dudes. came out with the TV show in 2001, they figured that John Stewart would be a welcome addition to their starting line up. Normally we’d all cheer and place our hands lovingly over our hearts, but as the series wrapped up, one giant plot twist stayed unsolved.

In , written by Derek Fridolfs & Dustin Nguyen and drawn by Eric Nguyen, you can finally ease your worried mind and get your first good night of sleep in years.

The comic’ll explain the backstory better than I can.

If you’ve seen the cartoon, this is familiar ground: Okay, caught up?

Which it is.” Once her guests, which included Kendra Wilkinson and Pauly Shore, got the gist of the scenario, Khloe shared that she and Chyna haven’t fought at all.

“It sounds very dramatic, which it is, but I actually haven’t seen Chyna in a few years. Online)“I haven’t really seen her that much and I don’t know her as well as everyone else, but she seems like a really nice girl. But you know, he’s been very, very happy lately and I think he’s in a really good place.