In my mind, I consider the third date the ‘make or break’ date.For some, this might sound too soon but I know what time I’m willing to invest in order to find out if I really like someone; for me that is three dates.

) then definitely greet her with a kiss for the third date.

She’ll be expecting it so if you don’t then she might be concerned about why that is, let’s start this deal-breaker date the right way shall we.

Taking her to the movies or cooking dinner for her is a great way to spend a lot of time in close proximity to each other.

Hopefully you’re progressing nicely through the dates with the current woman in your life and here you find yourself at date number three.

My third date tips will ensure that she’s willing and ready to take things to the next level.

For the first date there was probably just a mutual physical attraction and a curiosity to know more about each other.

The second date is more interesting because at this point both of you have found something interesting and appealing about each other that you wish to pursue and know more about to see where it all leads.

The third date is a very important date because it determines a lot of things and it determines the direction your ‘relationship’ is heading.

Are you going to progress to something a little more serious or are you just going to be friends (or never speak again 🙂 )?