You could even match yourself with celebrities, or match your friends!The sister quiz to the Dating Profile Quiz is now complete.

The dating website e Harmony provides a free personality profile to people who pay to use the site and complete the relationship questionnaire.

The profile is based on your answers to their relationship questions.

The questionnaire is only designed to be taken once, but there is a way you may be able to take it again.

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Plan a getaway trip for you and your significant other. The Dating Scene - Signs of a Promising Relationship Look out for these signs to see if your relationship has promise, but run away if there are too many red flags.

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Telling the Truth…or Not There are times when telling the truth is unloving. A Call To Do Better We must do better at connecting with one another. Perfect of hiking, picnics, sunbathing or splashing around." -Ananda, Richmond (more from this area) The owner of this site has had a baby and started a dad's baby blog you might be interested in.