Low maintenance, like lube and rim jobs, is a term, believe it or not, once only associated with a mechanics garage.Cars that barely need tuneups, require little for spare parts and run for years without engine replacements are considered “low maintenance.” They are the ideal car for the new buyer, the old seller and the guy who is just trying to keep his expenses down and get from place to place.High maintenance cars are many times warned against, as they are expensive to upkeep, their parts must be imported, and the mileage is never worth the price of gas. All the money spent on their exterior, the imported parts and unnecessary frills have the ability to attract even the most sensible of buyers.

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Their emblem, their name, their imported Italian leather seats.

Within months of driving, however, the smooth ride is no longer admired, the glossy exterior no longer delighted in and the frills and gadgets no longer marveled at.

Like with most things, most drivers begin wanting something more, something new.

Now that it's maintenance is higher than your mortgage, all you can worry about is the fading paint, the rising price of oil and how much it's going to cost you to repair that scratch.

Parking spots become graveyards and long drives become dreaded, as you begin to wonder why you cared so much about this car to begin with. They’re not objects; they’re not things to be bought and sold, by men or anyone else.

Yet the dichotomy that once defined the motor industry, which was illustriously carried over by the famous Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally,” seems to prove analogous to relationships that require too much upkeep and never win out at the end.

(And, yes, for the women looking to purchase automobiles, men fall into these categories, too.) In attempt to bring Ryan down, he made sure she knew that she was nothing like a typical low maintenance chick (or, an LM).

He told her she was picky, bossy and always needed things done a certain way.

He told her he longed for a woman like Ingrid Bergman, a woman who was easy to please and always “went with the flow.” While Meg Ryan's character was most definitely high maintenance, Crystal still ended up marrying her.