The cathedral was built during the 16th century being influenced by the Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Moreover, it includes a 157-step North Tower that couples climb to get a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

In such a way, observing the surrounding beauty, the sweethearts will really obtain romantic mood holding hands and whispering sweet nothings on ear.

Additionally, the couples must organize dating in Palais des Nations, that comprises 34 meeting rooms, an Assembly Hall and a Council Chamber.

Moreover, it will be interesting to envisage a variety of screenings and museum exhibits that highlight both the United Nations' and League of Nations' diplomatic contributions.

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Moreover, they are available to talk a lot, share common interests and their private secrets walking here.

Going further, the sweethearts may date in the Cathédrale St.

Pierre that is very interesting spot from the historical point of view.

That's why this place is for those singles, who are fond of culture and history of the other people.

Comprising a great variety of interesting places, Geneva may become a nice choice to organize the romantic dating.

Here the singles have an opportunity to date near Jet d'Eau - a fountain with a water stream that shoots 460 feet into the air.