Lithuania is a cohesive society of 3 million people with no serious internal conflicts.The local Baltic culture has been influenced by both the West and the East.Lithuanians are quite introverted and speak little to people they don't know.

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Interfaith relations are cordial; religious (93,2%) vs. Religion has been replaced by ethno-linguistic groups as the most prominent self-identification even before the Soviet occupation. Prime minorities are the conservative Poles (6,65%) and mostly urban Russians/Russophones (8%).

In the Lithuanian society class divisions are low-key.

Members of very different affluence levels more usually than not live in the same neighborhoods, buy at the same shopping malls and send their children to the same public (rather than private) schools.

The importance of social classes is negligible and there are few districts or institutions exclusively for "the rich" or "the poor"; save for a few extreme cases they intermingle.

However the age-related expectations for a person to fulfill some roles tend to be more stringent than in the West.

Once *the* definition of a person, religion lost some of its importance under the Soviet atheist regime.

Roman Catholic (~85,9%) practices and holidays are generally considered mainstream, while Russian Orthodox (~4,6%) is the most visible minority.

Own home is a kind of shrine for a Lithuanian, both as a secure location and for self-expression.

Modern fashions are largely inspired by the West but the restrictive Soviet past (and the post-Soviet freedom) left its marks.

Lithuanian virtues, ethics and morale includes Christian, Soviet and Western influences.

The same can be said about etiquette as well; Lithuanians plan their time in advance and are relatively cold tempered, but both are not the extremes.