John Karpowicz was one of the creators of the crate, however, I don't know who started making the Alvarez at SLM. My Dad bought a Alvarez 5039, I believe that he got it Christmas 1975. I am hoping this is the case, I knew that this guitar may have some value but wasn't sure if it would be this much. I'm interested in information regarding Serial numbers 4412. Louis Music (slm) in the 70's The same place where Crate amplifiers were made. The numbers on the back of the brass plate on the back of my guitar reads 000072, which means I have the 72nd. He is stating that this is an extremely rare guitar. A section of the book chronicles Garcia's 92 musical instruments.

b EST OFFER OVER 3500.00 I have an Alvarez classical guitar. I bought mine in late 1981 for $300 or a little more.

Somebody scratched off the country of origin on the tag. Now I don't know if this will be the going rate for these guitars, like I stated above this is the only Alvarez #5042 that I have seen going for that price. Thanks Harry I have one as well and it sounds and plays as good as it did when I first it. If you ever find out the value I would be happy if you shared it.

The date on the inside says 2/12/1975, I assume that is the date it was manufactured or completed. By the way, the numbers on the plate of the guitar he is selling are 000326 so if yours is a lower number like mine is that may be more good news. Garcia owned these: Alvarez-Yairi DY99 Virtuoso Modulus, 1992 Alvarez-Yairi DY98, 1991 custom Alvarez-Yairi Gy-2 Can you match the serail numbers to the correct guitar?

Hey all a few years back I was scoping for a cheap acoustic to pick around on and I came across an Alvarez Artist 5041 60th anniversary ser.#000630 acoustic electric at a pawn shop and I got it for 30$. I was told it was one of the first Doves made in Japan circa 1969. It is very heavy ,so it may be laminated,but wood matches from exterior to interior wood Plays like a dream,perfect intonation . It is not loud at all , this guitar is an anomaly in the studio. The D 42 blows away the more expensive D 45 and for recording rhythm tracks the Alvarez Dove is better than either Martin. I already have someone looking to trade me a new Dean Acoustic model EQA TBK, and don't want to do anything foolish. Hey Mack, Do you, by any chance still have that Alvarez? Please email me if you have info or are interested in purchase of this guitar that is in EXCELLENT condition. This guitar is in very good condition with the exception of bowing on the front due to being strung for 40 years, also has stress cracks from this..

Granted the internal pickup wasn't in the guitar it plays better than any Martin or even Taylor over ever tried out. I have no desire to ever part with it as it sounds beautiful but I am curious. Rosewood back and sides , NOT laminate from what I can see. It is the best acoustic for recording I h Ve every owned,absolutely no sustain. Contact me if you know about this guitar and serial number (3094 ) made in Japan model 5025. These fine guitars are made 1 at a time by Japanese guitar luthier Kazuo Yairi (please excuse my spelling). Yairi might be retired now but when he was working he produced some of the worlds finest n most beautiful guitars. If so I am interrested to buy or to trade for newer acoustic? Anyone know what it is worth, Thanks for any response I have had this for over 20 years.

The backs rosewood matches the inside grain of wood. Has new Klusen tuners,natural finish on top,not sunburst. Very fancy large label inside of a classic man plating a lute ? Net I have a model 5024 that I inherited from my dad, Ser number 200422 and date 100687 my question is the dove on the pick guard has only a dove head, and all that I have seen before is of an entire dove body just wondered if you know anything about this guitar, immaculate condition, it is a joy to play. Also how much is it worth or where can I find price guide for these guitars. I collect old japanese acoustic guitars and shape it is in is of lesser importance, as it will be just in display. Looking for an Alverez, classical silver anniversary edition.

I have a alvarez fusion 5080N Purchased around 1995 for 8 to 900.00 dollars that is and electrical accoustic in a hard case in mint condition . If you got a Kazuo Yairi for 0 you need to play the lottery right now! If you di not have it any more maybe you have co-ordinates of present owner?

The serial number is 97030775 and am wanting to sell it . Regards, Max I have a beautiful Alvarez 5051, 60th anniversary edition of SLM 1922-1982, SERIAL NUMBER 000003. Beautiful tone and plays and sounds as good as any of my guitars and I have a 1962 Gibson J-50, a 2005 Martin D-42, and several more guitars.

Can anyone tell me about this particular model, and what it might be worth? I am looking to sell an Alvarez Custom 1981 DY60 Yairi Anniversary 6string Acoustic-electric & wanting to know a price.