Once you are out of school, there are options to pay back student loans called pay-as-you-earn where every time you get paid, you send a portion to your lender.This is similar to the income-based repayment plan where your payment is set in accordance with how much you bring in each pay period.

As the cost of education continues to go up, many students are being forced to take out student loans.

While most students go for federal loans from the government, there are still many who take out private loans through banks and other lenders.

The private loans are usually based on a student’s credit or their parents if they are too young to have obtained credit.

Here are some things the Debt Ninja wants you to know about consolidating your student loans, as well as the benefits in doing so.

No matter what fluctuations may happen in the market, the consolidated loans will never have an interest rate above 8.25 percent.

However, you can only consolidate private loans with other privately funded loans.

Not to mention, once they are consolidated, interest rates can vary according to the market, so the timing of your application is very important.

You could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars by applying for private loan consolidation at a time when interest rates are very low.

Just remember that whatever your situation may entail, you don’t have to take on student loan debt by yourself.

The Debt Ninja can swing into action on your behalf and get you the best deal that is right for you.

Just call 1-800-923-2652 for a free consultation The Debt Ninja will connect you to a reputable partner that specializes in student loan debt and is ready to answer all of your questions.