You will choose your passport pick-up location through this site. STEP 5: Attend your Applicant Service Center (ASC) appointment in Bogota or Medellin (if applicable). Appear on the date/time of your visa interview appointment.During this appointment, your biometric information will be collected. STEP 7: Pick up passport with visa at your local DHL office or the Applicant Service Center (ASC).Applicants should present their current passport and DS-160 confirmation page. Pick up passport at selected site chosen in Step 3. (Renewal of Visas, Minor Children under the age of 14 (0-13), and Persons over 80) Some applicants do not need to have biometrics retaken at the Applicant Service Center (ASC) or appear at the Embassy to obtain their visas.

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We suggest that all applicants apply well in advance of planned travel to ensure there is enough time for visa processing.

for business or pleasure on B1/B2 visas but there are many different types of visas for study, exchange programs, employment, and investment in the U. Please review our Visa Categories page for more information.

This form is available online in English with Spanish translation.

Print out the “Confirmation Page” with the barcode after filling out the application.

See our TIPS for the DS-160 if you need additional help.

STEP 3: Pay the non-refundable application fee and schedule an appointment (if required) at .

You can make the payment in cash or credit card (Visa or Master Card).

Note that not everyone requires an interview (see section on Interview Waivers).

Use the online system to determine if an interview is required.

STEP 4: Schedule an appointment for biometrics to be taken at the Applicant Service Center (ASC) in Bogota or Medellin (if applicable - see below).

Appointments are scheduled through the Visa Information Service.