They also care a lot about us and how we are doing.

One of my law professors that i have had for more then one class is probably the best professor.

He always remembers his students and wjen you talk to him he checks up on you.

Always visit the office BEFORE the semester begins and check your status online.

Academic Flexibility: Their are many classes to choose from and most can fit into your schedule.

They have PACE classes, which will meet one day out of the week, a Saturday every other week, and online work.

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Overall Experience: I would have to say the way the professors are with you.

They actually take their time to help you when you need it.

Academic Flexibility: The classes are flexible and they have both on week and weekend classes.

They have a program called PACE that is fast and only takes up one day out if the week, the rest of the work is completed online.

Enrolling in classes is easy but financial aid could be a bit of a tackle.

I highly recommend that you complete your FASFA early, await for the letter the school will send you, complete all documents needed, and keep an open communication.