The walk with Christ is an exciting one - ask anyone who once lived a sinful lifestyle and now lives by faith in Christ.

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Our generation, especially the hip-hop generation has heard of Jesus, but hasn't truly heard the good news of salvation and true life through Christ.

I have answered that call of Romans 10 by saying, "SEND ME LORD," through this avenue of Christian rap.

For how will the truth be known, and how will our youth realize the truth of Christ unless someone tells them.

Christ has provided us with hope and truth but a fallen and sinful world has traded those truths for lies.

Our culture trades church for the club, trades the living water for a bottle of alcohol, and the joy of knowing Christ for a temporary high from a chemical.

The Christian hip-hop I produce sends a message of love to a world who has turned their back on Christ.

I speak a relevent message of a relationship with the God of the Universe..a man made religion.

You don't have to look far into hip-hop culture to see a godlessness that is causing a generation who is cold and burdened with pain to turn to a life of sin and self destruction.

Lifestyles filled with lust, substance abuse, and material gain is what radio and TV pump into our generations' head before they are old enough to realize that there is an alternative option.

Christ is that option and I use Christian hip-hop to portray that message.

God created us, he sculped our mind and body before we were even in womb and gave us a purpose and mission to serve Him.