I am not beating black men or black women for dating or marrying out the race.I would just like to find a solution to regain black love but we can’t and I think it is more reason because black men don’t try hard enough.

And still I try to protect you all trying to convince to at least tell you all. Playwright Suzan Lori Parks is married to a white man this is her husband Pearl Bailey and her husband Classical singer Denyce Graves is married to a white man, this is her husband. NBA player Steve Nash is dating this black woman Senator John Mc Cain son Jack Mc Cain married this black woman. I've heard/read some of the most crueliest and harsh things said about black women from black men all to appease non black women. And don't get mad when you see a sista strutten down the street with her non black husband/boyfriend either. Some of those women are no longer dating those men.

Bill de Blasio is the mayor of New York, and he's married to a black woman.

NBA player Dirk Novitski and his wife I certainly think so.

People have been asking me to show some pictures of Black womenthat date outside their race.

Well these are some that I was able to find Starting off is a picture of Obama's advisor Susan Rice, and her husband. I have been molested by my black step father and he impregnated me and urinated on me while trying to penetrate me.

Kim Wayans and her husband Rapper Eve and her fiance Corinne Bailey Rae and her husband Tamara Gray and her husband Stacey Dash and her husband Venus Williams and her boyfriend Kerry Washington and her husband Serena Williamsand her boyfriend Serena and another one of her former boyfriends Tennis player Boris Becker and his family Heather Headly and her husband Tyra Banks and her boyfriend Kelly Rowland and her boyfriend Michelle Williams and her boyfriend Actress Golden Brooksand her boyfriend Tracey Edmonds and her new boyfriend R&B singer Jon B and his wife Rapper Paul Wall and his wife Actress Brandee Tucker and her fiance Lil Kim and her former boyfriend Scott Storch Actress Keesha Sharp and her husband Halle Berry and her boyfriend Garcelle Beauvais and her husband Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend Iman and her husband David Bowie Model Alek Wek and her boyfriend Rock musician Iggy Pop and his girlfriend Fashion designer Marc Ecko and his wife Tina Turner and her boyfriend Diane Carrol and her husband Diana Ross and her husband Whoopi Goldberg and her boyfriend Ted Danson Janet Jackson and her former boyfriend Tatyana Ali and her Hispanic boyfriend Actress Zoe Saldana and her boyfriend Rev Runs daughter Angela and her boyfriend Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Robin Thicke and his wife Robert De Niro and his wife Wolfgang Puck and his wife Movie critic Roger Ebert and his wife George Lucas and his wife Alfre Woodard and her husband Actress Debra Wilson and her husband This is the link to return to the website don't understand what is going on. I was held at gun point in a mall at age 17 by a black male for my gold jewelry and my bags that I had shopped for.

What is going on with black love what is happening to it. We are losing our black men to women of others cultures and also to black men and men of other cultures. At the age of 24 me and my 2 year old daughter was walking to our apartment after I had gotten off from work and picking her up from daycare and a black male hit me in my head and snatched my purse and ran.

I have a friend girl that is Hispanic she is very beautiful and black men love her.

But, she is doing a number you all asses she has herpes given to by a white boy because her black babies Daddy’s got tired of her putting his ass out because he would rather support is rap career he been working on for over 10 years and he is not even local.