Simon didn't use any fuel/credit card beyond Cockabiddy, and there has been no sighting of him or his vehicle ever since the 20th June 2003.

Description of our missing son: Name : GURRIER-JONES, Simon Eyes : Brown Hair : Short brown Height : 180 cm (5ft 11)Build : Average / well built Skills : Computer, carpenter, ceiling fixer.

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Simon's last fuelled his 1992 Ford Station wagon at Cockabiddy Western Australia,the attendant did notice that the car was pointing West ...

I'm hoping he picked up some hitchhiker and that person give me a clue where he might be.

He was up to this point heading east towards the WA/SA border appox 300kms away.

Furthur on at Ceduna SA there is a checkpoint for fruit fly ect and they record every car that passes through, Simon did not pass to our knowledge.

Here is a link is a ceiling fixer and skilled with computer technology. Regards Simons Update New web page by: Spot / PM Comments: MISSING PERSONMissing in Western Australia since 20th June 2003: 26-yr old SIMON GURRIER JONES (see his photo)Simon was last seen at Cocklebiddy Road House, Eyre Highway, Cocklebiddy (Nullabor Plain) WA.

He was on his way to go fruitpicking in NSW or Qld., and travelled with his White 1991 EB Ford Station Waggon with WA Plates 80L 948 (see photo).

There are no reasons to assume Simon intended to harm himself.

That thought was reinforced by two attendants at two service stations, who said he talked freely of his plans to go fruit picking in NSW.

In addition his father searched 300 km’s of cliff area (Bunda Cliffs) between Ecula and Nullabour roadhouse.