It's a scam to get you on the site and make you pay. You only seem to receive mass introductions instead of messages from people who have actually reviewed your profile, people I've shown interest in suddenly become 'inactive members'.And if you pay by credit card and cancel they don't cancel it they keep taking money out its all base overseas in the UK. It's absolute crap so don't waste your time using this site.So I have had my credit card cancelled by my bank so they don't take any more money out. This site is all about money ie extracting it from you. Diary entries and messages are censored if there is the slightest chance you are complaining about them or their total lack of transparency or integrity.

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I thought being an older person a site that would attract older compatible men would be ideal.

They ask that you join 'free' then one message later you are hit with a bill for some ridiculous amount of money! I found the site not what it is, asking for money for everything, to send messages, gifts, filtering, dairies, etc, its all about money. One really bad saying he was in army and wanted to come home to meet you.

So the upshot is many profiles and pictures of non paying members, looks good but you might be the only sucker who has paid! Also if you complain about people you are blocked from seeing there profiles when you can block it your self. Beware of both sites as they advertise free then want your money to send messages not a good site at all. Don't fall for it they ask you to apply for leave and then say you have to pay for them to come home .

They read all your messages if they don't think its any good they change the wording, and add what they want. Don't fall for stephen calhoun is fake I joined Older Dating Agency & found it to be a farce.

One minute he is 61 then 62 then 69 then 70 then 82. However, I've had several contacts from 'members' with false profiles.

He has gone from the Older Dating Online Australia, But is still on The Senior Dating Agency Australia. After one or two messages they give you an email address and suggest staying in touch that way. Avoid this site, and if you're on it, change your email address, and don't trust anyone offering email communication after one or two contacts.

He is not who he is watch out for this profile be aware. Re: Older Dating Online Australia I do not want correspondence directed to my Mobile where the images are miniscule.

Looks like they want you to do transactions by Mobile only; as all input from laptop is "unrecognised". Can't unsubscribe either - there's no one to write to. I hate being directed to the "NAUGHTY" site - JUST NOT MY SCENE and I HATE IT. I wouldn't stay on a dating site who asks for money just to read my messages.

They do read your messages because as soon as you give a number or email address, they will instantly block your reply. I had an introduction sent to a man that I didn't send.