They heard some of my old jams on My Space and approached me about putting out some kind of recording. It's good to know they like what I do and are sincere about it. And I'm sure they love You’ve played with the Dirty Projectors for a few years now.I thought that Mookie had a cool name, so I said yes. What excited you about this band in the first place, and what has the experience been like playing, touring, and recording with them? It made me realize how musically sheltered I was in California and how endless music can really be. Two are Middle Eastern, classical records, and one is Paul Mc Cartney.

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Playing, touring, recording, they're all very different experiences every single time and they all serve their own significance.

, or have an album or artist who provided inspiration during the process? It ended up being worked out more during the recording.

I worked with two of my good friends on the majority of the EP who both contributed a lot of their knowledge and helped inspire the direction in which that album went.

I've been working on trying to record a lot of my songs in the past five years, but this is the first batch of songs I wrote of which I've felt fit to release to public ears. I suppose I don't believe my music (or any music) is just right ever. I left high school mostly because high school kinda blows.

I held on to the recordings till I felt I found the right people to work with on producing it in a way that suited the point I am at in my life. My guess would be you either have a very varied record collection, you’ve traveled quite a bit, or both. I wanted to get a better education, and on my own schedule.

You’ll be playing a showcase for your label Love Pump United during SXSW. It's kind of scary playing a solo showcase at SXSW, but I'm excited to try something new. Might shoot guns with Mookie and some other bros on Love Pump. Whilst I attended college, I realized that music was something I wanted to do more and more. They let me go on tour when I was maybe sixteen or seventeen which was pretty amazing.How did you get set up with the label, and how many performances are you planning on playing during SXSW? I met Mookie and Jake (of Love Pump) officially at the Pitchfork Festival in ‘08. Thinking about hitting Bouldin Creek and getting some tofu migas. This is the first year I'll be over 21 playing at SXSW so perhaps I'll get legally semi-drunk. My parents dig Dirty Projectors and the solo stuff.You may know Angel Deradoorian as one of the multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who performs/records with the seminal weird-pop outfit The Dirty Projectors, but this summer she’s stepping out with her own namesake project, Deradoorian, and an EP entitled skips across genres without remaining tied to one style, and the EP shifts effortlessly from acoustic guitar beauties to electronic workouts. They all sound amazing, but I guess I got them after I made the EP. I have traveled a bit, but I have yet to go to the destinations I truly desire.Angel talked with us via email about dropping out of high school, putting the finishing touches on her first solo release, and Frito pie., coming out on May 5th. Not sure where my style (or if I really have one) comes from. Many of the drum recordings were done in other studio spaces.Even though you’re a young lady, you’ve already spent five years working on this recording. It was kind of sporadically put together, but it all fit in somehow. I don't know if I've gotten that far quite yet in my mind.Did it take that long to get it just right, or have been holding on to the recordings for another reason? Actually, I deleted all the music off of my old laptop recently and then almost cried. I'm still working on the concept at this point and understanding how to write songs.