public void parse(File xml, Air Sigmet air Sigmet){ try { air Sigmet.fetch Time=Modified(); Input Source input=new Input Source(new File Reader(xml)); SAXParser Factory factory=SAXParser Instance(); SAXParser parser=SAXParser(); Air Sigmet Handler handler=new Air Sigmet Handler(air Sigmet); XMLReader xml Reader=XMLReader(); xml Content Handler(handler); xml Reader.parse(input); } catch ( Exception e) { } } static protected Lesson parse XML(File file, String default_name) throws Exception { XMLReader xr=XMLReader Factory.create XMLReader(); FCParser fcp=new FCParser(); Content Handler(fcp); Error Handler(fcp); File Reader r=new File Reader(file); xr.parse(new Input Source(r)); String name=Name(); if (name == "") name=default_name; String description=Desc(); return new Lesson(Cards(),name,description); } /** * Parses input stream as an RSS 2.0 feed.

* @return in-memory representation of an RSS feed * @throws Illegal Argument Exception if either argument is [email protected] null} */ private RSSFeed parse(SAXParser parser, Input Stream feed) throws SAXException, IOException { if (parser == null) { throw new Illegal Argument Exception("RSS parser must not be null."); } else if (feed == null) { throw new Illegal Argument Exception("RSS feed must not be null."); } final Input Source source=new Input Source(feed); final XMLReader xmlreader=XMLReader(); final RSSHandler handler=new RSSHandler(config); Content Handler(handler); xmlreader.parse(source); return handler.feed(); } void parse RSS(Input Stream feed){ XMLReader parser=null; try { parser=XMLReader Factory.create XMLReader(); Content Handler(get RSSContent Handler()); parser.parse(new Input Source(feed)); } catch ( IOException e) { e.print Stack Trace(); } catch ( SAXException e) { e.print Stack Trace(); } } /** * Parses input stream as an RSS 2.0 feed.

Your question has no meaningful answer except in the context of a particular parser's API.

If you don't identify the parser, the only reasonable answer is something along the lines of "the three expressions are spelled differently; next question? I was searching for the answer to the same question.

You probably already found your answer but for others like me who arrive at this thread. SAX doesn't really seem to have a real specification (the spec is their website

private SAXParser create Parser(final boolean validate XML) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException { final SAXParser Factory factory = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); Validating(validate XML); Feature(" validate XML); SAXParser parser = SAXParser(); Assert.assert Not Null("Checking parser exists", parser); Assert.assert Equals("Checking validation", validate XML, Validating()); Assert.assert True("Checking namespace awareness", Namespace Aware()); return parser; } Unfortunately no, since from my experience the SAXParser itself doesn't validate.

You have to parse an XML document and add an Error Handler to discover whether the XML is valid or invalid.

So, even though the SAXParser itself tells you it's validating, it actually isn't, it's only the Content Handler/Error‌​Handler that makes the difference.

I am trying to learn SAXParser example which is working properly with Android development environment.

At least I didn't find any reference in a spec or javadoc (maybe I overlooked) that is Validating should be in sync with the validation feature.

(Example from openjdk-6-src-b31-15_apr_2014) Another one is the oracle xmlparserv2 from Oracle XDK Some sample test to prove this (you need the oracle xmlparserv2 jar and you also need a META-INF/services/parsers.

SAXParser Factory file with only this public class Sax Parser Test { @Test public void validation Feature Test Xerces() throws Exception { SAXParser Factory parser Factory = org.apache.

SAXParser Factory Instance(); parser Feature(" false); Assert.assert False(parser Validating()); parser Feature(" true); Assert.assert True(parser Validating()); parser Validating(true); Assert.assert True(parser Feature(" parser Validating(false); Assert.assert False(parser Feature(" } @Test public void validation Feature Test Oracle() throws Exception { SAXParser Factory parser Factory = jaxp.