It was quite difficult at the beginning to find one, since many people are looking for places to resettle now after being away from the region for so many years, with this long period of displacement, people have developed different visions.

Initially many people would just want to go back into their villages of origin and settle among their kins, but living in different parts of the country, and with better ideas of how beneficial education is to their children, they would rather stay near towns so that they can get better schools for their children to go to, so to get an ideal place for our cente , took us a bit of time but finally it is done!

The land is so ideal, it’s about 6 miles from Kitgum town and also about 6 miles to Lamwo town council.

It is conveniently situated by the road side,actually touching the road itself.

Being by the roadside, it will not be difficult to access.

You can use a boda-boda(motor cycle taxi) without any fear of getting stuck in a wet road or you can board a direct bus from Kampala and just jump off at the trading center at a place called Ocet-Toke in Labongo Layamo sub-county , which is a stone throw from the the piece of land.

There are many buses daily to Kitgum town , but one specific one that goes direct to Lamwo which is the ideal one , but once in Kitgum town ,it’s just 15 mins on boda to the land.

We are really very grateful to all the people who in one way or the other played a role in making this first phase of the Family Transition Center in Kitgum happen.

This was really received with great joy from the ladies!!

It's really all very exciting to leap from one level to the other.

With the funds raised, we finally bought land in Kitgum.

The ladies feel that they actually do have have a starting point now and come what may, they can easily go and even pitch tents on their own land, while they begin working out ways of resettling into their villages With all the above advantages that we have with the location of the center, I am very happy to say that all our partners who have ideas that they would like to implement to help with the development of the new center, will not find any difficulty at all in making it happen because here you can easily transport anything that you may need, to make it happen. We shall soon set up simple campaigns to allow everyone have the opportunity to support different things , which will range from buying bricks, bamboos, or even just a bunch of grass or even sponsor a whole house.