So he’s doing the only thing that makes him feel OK: He’s pulling back.

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Your relationship had all the makings of the real thing. You tell him that you've been noticing some differences and you want an explanation.

He made you feel beautiful when you were together – and even when you thought you weren't. He’s showing up late and doesn't call to let you know he’s going to be late.

All the fireworks, all the excitement, all the magic. He says he’s just been busy with work or tired lately and that nothing’s changed with him. But you miss the way it was, and you don't understand why he's suddenly getting emotionally distant. He provides us with few if any clues, and we don’t seem to have done anything different. We call our friends, try to remember every detail of the last few days and weeks, put our feelers out, and play detective trying to figure out what happened, and more importantly, how to make it all go back the way it was. The reality is, this is what the relationship has become, and while you’re still seeing each other, it’s not the same. You start feeling more alone than when you actually were alone.

Until suddenly, you’re noticing some subtle changes. It’s a scenario that’s repeated countless times every day all over the world, and yet, for many of us, no matter how strong we may be, no matter how confident we may feel, the feeling that something’s changed can send us reeling, trying to figure out how to get it all back. Click here to get my free PDF guide "3 Biggest Warning Signs He'll NEVER Commit" But you did do something different: you fell for him.

His plans may or may not include you – unlike before when they always included you.

You committed to him, he’s won you over and now he’s got your heart. He got you to commit to him, and now it’s his turn to commit to you.

The problem is, he thought he was ready, but now he’s not so sure.