If anybody ever tells you Black Berry apps suck, just send them to this post! Plugin your dead Black Berry to let it charge and you'll see a fully dressed girl on the screen.

Take note, for the most part I listed the full retail prices of apps where applicable, but MOST of them are on sale for pretty decent discounts, so be sure to click through on an app if you're interested for it's current price. As your battery charges, the girl takes off her clothes.

Two versions are currently available, forest and secretary. Oh, and I hear the developers are contemplating a male version of this for all the ladies out there.

It turns out putting together a roundup of adult-oriented Black Berry Apps wasn't that hard to do.

All it requires is a browse through our Crack Berry App Store and you can find quite a few adult-oriented apps, utilities and themes put out there by Black Berry developers for those who like to sex up their devices.

Keep reading for some eye-catching apps, and if you like what you see be sure to drop us a comment! a list of Black Berry apps that are guaranteed to get you excited.

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